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Michael Rapp

Acclaimed by industry professionals as one of the finest composer/lyricists in the field of Rock Opera, Michael Rapp has written for Universal, Orion Pictures, ABC, NBC, 20th Century Fox and many others including Landmark Entertainment where he wrote the music & lyrics for "Enchanter", "The Ring" and "Masters of The Universe" with 19 sold out performances at Radio City Music Hall in New York. He was also head of productions for Allied Artists Records where he produced everything from R&B to the Grammy Nominated remake of the classic hit "Runaway".


People & Entertainment Organizations


(TV animated special)

Allied Artists Records

(Head of Productions)

Dominick Allen 

(Blood Brothers)

Carl Anderson 

(Jesus Christ Superstar)

Irene Cara


Dennis DeYoung 


Russ Freeman

(The Rippingtons)

Bobby Hatfield 

(Unchained Medley remake)

Indianapolis Opera  

(sound design)

Landmark Entertainment

(numerous projects)

Live Entertainment Co.  

(film score)

Masters of the Universe

(Radio City Music Hall)

Amanda McBroom 

(from The Rose)

Media Entertainment 

(film score)

Brian Stokes Mitchell

(Tony Award Winner)

Howard McGillin

(Star of Phantom)


(Pope’s Visit to USA)

Ted Neeley 

(Jesus Christ Superstar)

Orion Pictures

(film “Colors”)

Philadelphia Opera

(sound design)

Del Shannon

(remake of “Runaway”)

Universal Studios

(various music)

Luma Theater (magical light presentation)

Albums & Projects

“Rasputin” Triple CD Album starring Ted Neeley and featuring John Hurt (from Elephant Man and Harry Potter) and Amanda McBroom (from The Rose).  Soon to be a national live tour

"Luma Theater" Luma steps you into your imagination and takes giant leap into a surreal world of light, color and motion and music where thinking stops and astonishment begins.  On tour now.

“Quasimodo, Prince of Fools” Independent musical theater album based on Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

“Rappcity on Blue” New Age jazz instrumental album on ITI Records (distributed by Capital EMI), with heavy radio play on Los Angeles’ WAVE.

“Enchanter”  /  “Masters of the Universe” / “The Ring” Musical theater projects in association with Landmark Entertainment.


Rasputin -  official site for new musical

Luma Theater - a surreal world of light, color and motion set to music

HerdMusic - website dedicated to the music of Michael Rapp


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